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StreamLine™ Plus – sets the standard for fast chemical imaging

Unparalleled speed and versatility are the result of hardware, software, optics, mechanics and electronics working together in perfect synergy.

StreamLine Raman imagingTo meet the market requirement for ever-faster chemical imaging systems, Renishaw has combined hardware, software, and firmware to optimise data collection, visualisation, and processing.

This latest generation of fast Raman imaging systems - StreamLine™ Plus was exhibited at the 60th Pittsburgh conference in March 2009, Chicago, IL, USA.

High-quality image collected in less than 4 minutes.

Complete tablet imaged in 4 minutesStreamLine™ Plus is the fastest fully-scaleable Raman imaging system available in the market place today.

It is possible to use readout times as short as 6 ms per spectrum; a high-quality image of an entire tablet can be collected in less than 4 minutes.

The combination of line focus (which minimises sample damage), a high-speed encoded stage (HSES), and synchronised readout of the CCD detector enables images to be collected both rapidly and at variable spatial resolution. 

There are no limits to the image area dimensions imposed by the objective field of view, therefore maximising adaptability and eliminating the need to stitch images together for large area coverage, resulting in artefact-free results. 

Numerous benefits using WiRE 3.1 software with StreamLine Plus

Image of the strained surface of a Si-Ge semiconductor sampleThe integration of the latest WiRE 3.1 software with StreamLine™ Plus offers numerous benefits to Raman users.

Regions of interest are simple to set up using optical micrograph montages; experiments can be queued and chemical images can be viewed and manipulated during acquisition, and a comprehensive suite of visualisation and chemometric tools are available to process and analyse the collected data.The result is an intuitive workflow from sample loading to final reporting.

WiRE 3.1 also offers a range of new features including full support for multiple detectors, automatic spectrometer configuration for rapid “hands-free” excitation wavelength changes, and enhanced integration tools for third party products (tandem systems).

Dr. Nick Stone routinely uses StreamLine Plus for screening biopsies, and comments: "To date, histological application of Raman mapping has been limited due to lengthy mapping times. StreamLine Raman imaging is a novel mapping technique that has reduced total mapping times to a level that is becoming clinically practicable." With StreamLine™ Plus a further 2 to 4 fold reduction in analysis time would be expected.



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