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Data-driven manufacturing

Unlock the power of your manufacturing data with Renishaw Central

Renishaw Central

  • Connectivity
  • Consistency
  • Control

The journey to Industry 4.0 starts with data

Trends promising to transform manufacturing industries include:​

  • predictive analytics​
  • artificial intelligence​
  • increased use of connected systems

The foundation for all of these systems will be data

Most manufacturers already have access to metrology data, but with the assistance of Renishaw Central, you can deploy that data consistently. Renishaw's portfolio of industrial metrology and additive manufacturing (AM) products, which can be used throughout manufacturing processes, provides the right data at the right time, enabling you to control your processes.​

The Renishaw Central manufacturing data platform provides a consistent method of connecting your Renishaw measurement and manufacturing devices, to make it easy for a variety of systems and processes to access Renishaw device data.​

Renishaw Central app icon

Renishaw Central enables you to:

  • store and visualise your data
  • consume data into your digital systems
  • use standards-based connections

Central Connectivity - white backgroundConnectivity

  • Automated efficient data collection.
  • Plug-and-play solution for easy implementation and maintenance.
  • Standards-based outputs allow connectivity to third-party platforms.
  • A single up-to-date view ​of factory data.

Central Consistency logo - white backgroundConsistency

  • Process automation for unattended 'lights out' productive manufacturing.
  • Intelligent and automated decision making requires less human intervention.
  • Use of data from multiple devices and operations for superior control of upstream processes.
  • Shorter feedback loops enable rapid reaction and adjustment to process variation.
  • Increase machine utilisation and productivity while reducing scrap.

Central Control logo - white backgroundControl

  • Continuous improvement through analysis of end-to-end process data across operations, cells and time periods.
  • Predict, identify and correct process errors before they happen by characterising acceptable process trends and performance.
  • Enhance understanding of process performance, part quality and product design by using metrology data captured throughout your processes.​

How it works

Renishaw Central provides consumers of Renishaw data with a storage and interface layer that contains up-to-date machine and job information, including metrology, machine status and alert data. This information is made available to customers in several ways, including standards-based output (such as MTConnect), the Renishaw Central API, and web browser visualisation.

Renishaw Central Architecture diagram

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The right information, in the right place, at the right time

Metrology data

  • Dimensional data and tolerances
  • Yield data
  • Sensor information

Utilisation data

  • Real-time device conditions
  • Machine utilisation dashboards
  • Performance reports

Alert data

  • Alerts for unattended machining
  • Error notifications
  • Preventative maintenance


Current Status

Renishaw Central - Current status dashboard

Job Performance

Renishaw Central - Job performance dashboard

Machine Performance

Renishaw Central - Machine performance dashboard

Machine Analysis - Jobs

Renishaw Central - Machine Analysis - Job dashboard

Machine Analysis - Process

Renishaw Central - Machine Analysis - Process dashboard

Machine/User/Process Settings

Renishaw Central - Machine/User/Process settings dashboard

Please note that Renishaw Central is not currently available in all countries.

Our data-driven approach to process control

As manufacturers ourselves, we face the same production challenges as our customers:

  • to be highly productive
  • to achieve more consistent capability
  • to increase our levels of automation
  • to reduce our costs and be globally competitive

At Renishaw, we've applied our own innovative approach to eliminating or controlling sources of variation in our manufacturing and, of course, we use our own products to address these common challenges. We've shared our learning with our customers who are now consistently producing performance parts, manufactured to tighter tolerances and with minimal human intervention.

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Start your journey to Industry 4.0 with Renishaw Central.

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We provide a structured approach to identify and control variation in manufacturing operations, backed by innovative technology, proven methods and expert support.

See how process control can make your operations more profitable and boost your competitiveness.

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