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Renishaw to launch powerful new software

Raman data: bigger, better, in high definition!

8 March 2013

Collect, analyse and review massive Raman datasets in high resolution.

Now, with Renishaw's new WiRE 4™ software, inVia users can produce high definition chemical images from very large Raman datasets.

Superior image quality
The technology behind WiRE 4 enables the production of images that are crisp and clear—both on-screen and once printed—so there's no processing, no interpolation and no pixellation.

Increased accuracy and confidence
WiRE 4 enables users to collect and work with larger Raman data files more efficiently than ever before, seeing greater detail and generating richer images for their reports and scientific papers.

The information gained with WiRE 4 provides a complete understanding of samples because it enables domains to be both quantified, and described in detail, at the same time. The user will consistently gain more accurate and representative information from their sample, giving them a new level of confidence in their results.

For more information please contact your local sales representative or see Renishaw at Pittcon 2013 on Booth 249, where its team of experts will be happy to demonstrate this exciting new capability.

Image: Sub-area of a Raman image of a volcanic rock section from Mount St Helens. Original image 3.8 mm × 2.7 mm, at 1.9 µm resolution, comprising 3 million spectra. Rock section courtesy of Dr Claire Horwell and David Damby, University of Durham.

Pittcon 2013

Pittcon Conference & Expo 2013
Sunday 17 ‑ Thursday 21 March 2013
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadephia, PA USA.


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